Tennessee Vols Face Mask

Rocky Top Gifts


When the Corona Virus hit, honestly we were in shock for a few days after we learned the SEC basketball tournament was not going to be played.  Then when all the hoopla started about wearing a mask.   Personally I thought, I am not wearing a mask, when it is your number is called, IT'S CALLED.

However my business mind new that it was a product we should try to make available here on Rocky Top Gifts because if we have to wear a mask at least we can support the Vols in the process.

The mask we had sold out to our Rocky Top Gift members as soon as we got them.  Honestly we ended up losing money on the deal because we sold them at cost, because we were not totally happy with them.  They were not the quality we had hoped for. 

After trying to find suitable mask and looking at dozens of samples and prices we have come to the conclusion that the highest quality mask for the money is a multi-use neck gaiter scarf.  You can use this after corona passes when mowing the yard, riding your motorcycle, or any other activity where you don't want to breathe in dust, bugs, and particles.   So this is what we are recommending to customers that call and ask for a Tennessee Vols Face mask.  

FOCO NCAA College Team Logo Neck Multi-use Gaiter Scarf



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