Will Arch Manning be the Best Manning Ever?

Will Arch Manning be the Best Manning Ever?

February 09, 2020



It’s hard to contain excitement when watching Arch, because his bloodline is so terrific. Watching a poised Manning in the pocket dropping in dimes to wide receivers, even at the high school football level, is undeniably awesome.

Arch stole the show in the team’s fall spring game scrimmage and firmly solidified why he’s starting as a freshman.

In one game his freshman season, he threw for five touchdowns and ran in another one in a 48-21 win over Reserve (La.) Riverside. He racked up 289 yards all with Peyton watching from the stands.

That’s not to say Arch doesn’t have flaws and won’t have bad performances.

He was intercepted just once through his first four games before the Booker T. Washington Lions picked him off four times in a single game. Arch bounced back, however, and led the Greenies in a fourth-quarter touchdown drive to win the game, 27-20, much like you’d expect the nephew of Peyton and Eli to do.


Arch Manning Highlights

He’s expected to do great things. Whether that’s play 15 years in the league and win two Super Bowls with the New York Giants or win five MVPs like his uncles remains to be seen.

The world is going to keep a close eye on Arch Manning for the next three years, and hopefully one day he’s an All-American SEC passer declaring for the NFL Draft.

You just hope he knows how to handle the pressure and hype. The good news is he can always ask whomever is sitting across from him at Thanksgiving for advice.






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