Tennessee Vols All-Time Rushing Leaders  (Top 10)

Tennessee Vols All-Time Rushing Leaders  (Top 10)

March 08, 2020


The Tennessee Vols are have become a legendary NCAA football team, and they have amassed a following that is as big as their reputation. The players even more. So as everyone has a favorite that they will follow year after year. People will visit from all over the United States to come to see the Vos play, and if they can't, get to Neyland stadium, there fall is planned around the Tennessee football schedule..  Tennessee Vol fans know all of the facts that there are to know about the players we show our love and loyalty to.

However, do you know the best players for rushing and the fantastic records that are being held by the players? The following list contains the ten all time Tennessee Vols Rushing Leaders in the history of this legendary program.

The Vols players on this list have all been illustrious players not only for the University of Tennessee but for the NFL pro teams they played for after they were drafted. 



  1. Travis Stephens has amassed a whopping 1,464 rushing yards and has made quite the name for himself as a result. In college, he played for the Vols from 1997 to 2001. He played under coach Phillip Fulmer. He redshirted his junior year and had a senior redshirt season as well, but he became known for his rushing record and the illustrious career he had after the fact. He proved himself to be an asset and a capable player throughout his career.  

  2. Jay Graham was another player to get above 1,400 with his rushing yards at 1,438. He later became a coach for the Tennessee Vols in the 2006 season as their running backs coach. When he played for the team, he played under legendary coach Phillip Fulmer from 1993-1996.  

  3. Jimmy Streater was a player in the days of old from 1976 to 1979 and held the leading record for rushing yards at 1,374. He was known as a living legend on the field and held records for over two decades. He played under coaches Bill Battle and Johnny Majors, respectively. He is remembered today by fans everywhere, and fans were devastated by his passing.  

  4. Jamal Lewis has his rushing yard stats at 1,364 while he was playing from 1997 to 1999 under the coaching of Philip Fulmer, making an excellent name for himself in the world of football. He spent the remainder of his athletics playing to the best of his ability and keeping his star on the rise.

  5. Montario Hardesty comes next on our list at 1,345, was a three-year letter winner at Tennessee, and amassed a significant following because of his rushing. He played for them from 2005 to 2007 and another great player to have Phillip Fulmer as his coach. He was a remarkable athlete in high school and an even stronger competitor once he reached his college days. After he completed college, he was drafted by the Browns.  

  6. Travis Henry made a list for gaining 1,314 rushing yards and was under the head coach Philip Fulmer for the 1997 to 2000 years he was there. He was drafted shortly after and played in the NFL for various teams while he became a pro bowl selection. 

  7. Johnnie Jones earned 1,290 rush yards in 1984 and was a key player throughout his time from 1981 and 1984. He played under famed coach Johnny Majors and was a candidate for the Heisman. During his time playing for Tennessee, he broke school records that were held and then broken by other players after that. He was drafted right after his college play days. 


8. Joshua Dobbs was famed for beating Jimmy Streater's old record when he entered the bowl, having amassed 623 yards in a season, but he stood second behind Jimmy Streater's record set in 1978. Dobbs stands high in rushing yards by quarterbacks with 1,281 yards. He played from 2013-2017 under the coaching of Butch Jones. He was invited to the senior bowl and was a popular pick for NFL drafts holding workouts for six teams.  

9. Tony Thompson amassed 1,261 for himself in the year 1990. Under the coaching and tutelage of Johnny Majors from 1987 to 1990, he became an incredible player and led the team to victory. He was known as a player that was able to prove his worth time and time again when his team needed him, and his number got called.  


10.Chuck Webb is the final player on our list at 1,236. He amassed these yards in 1989. Chuck Webb redshirted during the 1988 season, and he played from 1989 to 1990 under the coaching of Johnny Majors, he was able to gain a fantastic reputation and got drafted to the NFL. After repairing his knee twice, he played marginally before retiring in 1992.  

CHUCK Webb's Relentless Day at the Cotton Bowl

These players paved the way for records to be broken, achievements to be achieved, and the best of the best to be able to be shown. They have played injured and dedicated their lives to a sport they believed in and that people everywhere can find themselves feeling those feelings too.

While they are all known from different backgrounds and experiences, they have one singular thing in common. They love Tennessee Vol  football, UT and had the ability to rush further than anyone else making them stand out from the others and be recognized forever for their dedication to the game and Big Orange Nation. 









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