Tennessee Football Coaches History

Tennessee Football Coaches History

October 01, 2019

Tennessee Football Coaches "The History"



At the time of this writing Tennessee has had 26 head football coaches in history.

Since 1899 ten Tennessee Vol coaches have led the football volunteers to ten postseason bowl games.  

Robert Neyland
John Barnhill
Bowden Wyatt
Doug Dickey
Bill Battle
Johnny Majors
Phil Fulmer
Lane Kiffin
Derek Dooley
Butch Jones
Brady Hoke
Jeremy Pruitt

During their time as the Tennessee Vols coach, Neyland and Fulmer each won National Championships with the Vols.

Out of the 26 coaches in Tennessee history four have been inducted into the college football Hall of Fame.  Neyland, Wyatt, Dickey and Majors. 

Many Vols fans believe the Phil Fulmer will one day be inducted into the Hall of Fame.


The Tennessee Curse of Phil Fulmer

Most Tennessee fans believe the firing of Phillip Fulmer was not just the biggest mistake in Tennessee sports history, but the history of all college sports.

One of the more intriguing conversations that sports fans engage in is that of sports curses. Christians call it “reaping what you sew.”  Pagans call it the “Law of Return." There are several other religions that call it karma. However, sports fans from various beliefs call it a sports curse.



Has Tennessee been cursed with what some call the Phil Fulmer curse? If there is in fact a curse of Phil Fulmer, how can the Vols have it removed?

For years Tennessee football fans tried to come up with a solution.

Creative ideas have been shared on sports radio call in shows for years. TN  fans talked about a Phil Fulmer night where all of the 100,000 fans in attendance could wear Fulmer support t-shirts.  The ideas went on and on.

Finally,  Phillip Fulmer was appointed as the University of Tennessee's Director of Athletics on Dec. 1, 2017. He accepted the position after serving as the UT system president's special advisor for community, athletics and university relations since June 20, 2017.

Hiring Fulmer hasn't seemed to remove the curse  The SEC needs Tennessee to be relevant again. As a result, the Vols must do whatever is needed. 

At the time of this writing some Tennessee fans are ready to run current coach Jeremy Pruitt out of town and bring Fulmer on the field again.



 Keep Believing Tennessee the Curse will be removed someday.














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