Lady Vols 2019-20

Lady Vols 2019-20

December 10, 2019


Tennessee has had a very long and proud history of being proud of our Lady Vols, with fans erupting in joy every time they get to see them play. Many people who see the Vols for the first time become lifelong fans and end up loving them and what they stand for. Pat Summitt had left behind a legacy and took the Vols farther than they ever thought they could go.


This year the team will be led by a former Vol, Kellie Harper. This is her first year coaching the team, and we are guaranteed to have an exciting year as a result. They are hoping to see the team have that same hope and success as they had in the past. We will be experiencing the team playing their games at the Thompson-Bolling Arena, and the team is excited to have a great year. As of yet, the team is fluctuating in the predictions with some predicting that they will be finishing fifth while others debate that they will end in sixth place instead.


Many long-time Lady Vols fans believe that this year will be one of the most significant programs that we will ever be able to see in the conference with the leadership of coach Harper.  Lady Vol fans are excited to see what will happen next.


There have been a few challenges that the Vols have been dealing with and reports of morale suffering, but they are strong and dealing with it as a team to make sure that they are still doing the best that they can. They are all hopeful and believe that they will be able to overcome it together. Belief in former Vol Kellie Harper is growing in Big Orange company.



There is also some very serious talk about bringing in new talent in addition to what they have already done and how they will impact the team and make it better. They believe that by doing this, the team will have a higher chance of success and make sure that it will be the best option for the team as a whole.  Recruiting more talent seems to be the goal of coach Kellie and her staff.


Unfortunately, the team has lost three of the five starters from last years team.  It  has been hard for them to try and move on from this, which means that many are debating back and forth about the success that is possible for the 2019-20 Lady Vols.


While many believe finishing fifth or sixth in the SEC will be a good year, others believe that since they finished in eighth place last year, they will place much farther down on the list for the 2019 -20 season.   Many think that because the team doesn't have veteran players that will be able to bring the heat on the court.  Particularly since they lost Evina Westbrook, who was known for scoring well during each game she played. They had also lost four contributors, which hasn't helped expectations either.


Despite all this, our faith remains with the Lady Vols, and we know that as difficult as it is to bounce back from losing leadership, they believe that the team will rise above and take charge of this season.  Many believe that Kellie Harper will be able to take the team to victory and a higher place than last years eighth place finish.


 With everything else going on, they are also renewing the rivalry with Uconn, which is considered to be a good move for the 2019-2020 year, and for the long term even though as of right now, the Lady Vols are in a rebuilding year.  Coach Kellie is also considering renewing their rivalry with others lady basketball power houses as well.


All the excitement seems to be around the new talent that has been added to the Lady Vols 2019-20 team, remember we have returning talent as well, including Zaay Green and Rae Burrell. With the mixture of upper class women and the new recruits, the team believes that they have every chance for this years Lady Vols to reach their goals.

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