Funny Things Tennessee Fans Say

Funny Things Tennessee Fans Say

September 25, 2019

 I guess as human being we all say things, and then think to ourselves, after we say it, Why did I say that?   As passionate Tennessee fans it is common to hear the same things repeated over and over by different Vols fans.  Most of us have heard the same cliches all our life, at least since we ran Fulmore out of town. (Biggest mistake in Tennessee Sports History in my humble opinion)

Passion is a good thing!

I dislike the phrase "It is just a game" because to many of us, it is not just a game. It is a way of life, it is our culture, how we were raised.  The odds are if you are on this website, you get that, but many people don't.  I  think the secret is to stay passionate, enjoy the season, and remember no matter what expectations are or aren't KEEP your VOL pride, your heritage if you will. 

Smashing your TV set, kicking your dog, and cussing out your kids, is probably never a good idea, no matter how disappointed we are.  The truth is when I get real disappointed after a Georgia State loss or whatever. It helps to know there are many Vols fans that feel as upset as I do, we are in this together.   There is no value in trying to show how upset I am, who cares how I feel?  WE ARE ALL DISAPPOINTED.  

As my grandmother always told me as a child, this too shall pass.  The thrill of the 1998 season will return to Tennessee sports at some point and basketball may at some point return to the Ernie and Bernie days.

 It helps if we can learn to sometimes laugh at ourselves and each other.  Learn to support each other through the challenging times, and celebrate with each other during the great times.  Isn't that what family does?

Be thankful your a Vol instead of a Commodore. 















The Ernie and Bernie Show

 1998 Tennessee Vs. Florida 



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