August 24, 2019



Hey, they went 5 and 7 last year, but under Jeremy Pruitt, he's continuously bringing in new talent, young talent and he’s got some impact players, really good breakout players and players that we need to improve during 2019 season. Let's talk about it.


Today we're going to talk about our predictions for the players that will have the most impact on the 2019 Tennessee Vols football team. Today we're going to talk about the 2019 Tennessee volunteers impact players, the best we have had in recent memory.


I want to share with you three impact players that are going to make an impact on our team. But I'm also going to give you the 3 breakout players of the year and a projected most improved player. Tennessee is coming off a tough season, but this will be Jeremy. Pruitt's second year as coach of the Vols.  Volunteer Nation is hoping that he and his staff gets it right this year, and I think they will.

But we must have some patience with Jeremy Pruitt. I'm pretty high on him. He's a good coach. But let's talk about the talent that he has been able to recruit Let’s talk about the impact players.

Number one, Darrell Taylor. Boy, this guy is a talent. I hear people make videos. I hear people talk about Tennessee, but they don't bring up Darrell Taylor. Just pop in a tape and you will see this guy is all around the ball. He was a pass rushing beast last year & could have went to the NFL. He decided to come back for his last year to improve his NFL stock. He played the outside linebacker type in the 3-4, and this guy's amazing, 36 tackles and eleven tackles for loss, eight sacks and he was only behind, you know, Kentucky’s Josh Allen, a top 10 NFL pick, in sacks.

He was dominant in the SCC really showed out against Georgia & Kentucky. This guy's a beast and I believe that if you don't know who this guy is, you better ask somebody, because Darrell Taylor is a definitely impact player for the Tennessee Volunteers that we need to be excited about.


Coming up, number two, Darrin Kirkland Junior. Now this is tough because we know Darrin has been struggling with injuries off throughout his career. He had a great freshman year and then ever since then, he's had problems with his knee injury and recently, Coach Pruitt has come out and discussed the possibility of him red shirting and not returning for the 2019 season. 

He may be sitting out. He's being looked at by Dr. Andrews, they are considering possibly not playing him this year and possibly to just getting him 100% and ready to play next year. But if you're a Tennessee fan, you want what is best for the young man, but you really want to see Darrin on the field.     

You want these kids all the time on the field because this is one of the best natural football players that Tennessee has. Last year, I believe he started eleven games, 51 tackles, one sack, one interception, one pass deflection.

You were looking at a top linebacker in the NCAA if not for injuries.  Hopefully he's healthy this year into the second year of play. Hopefully he will play for Tennessee in the 2019 season.  He may sit out, but if he does play, there's no way I can look at impact players and not put Darrin Kirkland on this list. So I did. What do you think about him? Let me know in the comments.  Some players are always down to debate and discussion.


Now, number three, is a dude I have to show some Love. The number three impact player is Vols running back Ty “Chillin” Chandler. . Now, Ty Chandler, split time last year, but I think this year he's going to get the bulk of the carries. He led the team in rushing six hundred and thirty yards on one hundred fifteen carries, scored a team high seven touchdowns, even added three in the receiving yards.

The guy can catch it.  He can do it all. So that's why his depth doesn't just blow you out of the water this year  I think next year for sure.  If Tennessee decides to give him the ball more often, give this guy more carries. he definitely could do big things. He definitely will be an impact player for the Tennessee volunteers. Like I say, he can catch it, especially out of the backfield.  He can run, he is in an underrated blocker if you ask me. Look out for him this season.

So guys, those are the three impact players Darrell Taylor, Darrin Kirkland Junior and Ty Chandler, the running back. Those are my three impact players. Now let's talk about break out player.

Remember, the breakout player is someone that the fan base knows, but this is the year that they get nationally known, that they get talked about as one of the best of the best and that's 5:11. One hundred eighty four pound sophomore Bryce Thompson, defensive back. This guy was amazing for Tennessee. Coming out of high school, he was a four star recruit according to ESPN and 2/4/7 and Rivals.  A lot of people had high expectations of him..

He ended with 34 tackles, three interceptions, Tip pass breakups and one forced fumble.

This Tennessee Vols secondary is not only good, but they have some young bucks in there. They should be good for Jeremy Pruitt for years to come. Like I said, Bryce Thompson, pop this guy as a defensive back, one of the top in the nation, physically, everything.

You wanted a defensive back. And I think if he's not going to be the breakout player, he'll be one of the best players on this roster & people will start to know who he is. Like I said, if they already don't know now, I am saying it.   But Bryce Thompson is your breakout player of the year. Let's get to the most improved. Who will be the most improved player for the for the Tennessee volunteers?





If Tennessee wants to take a leap forward this year, the Tennessee Vol that must do better than they did last year and that's Jarrett Guarantano.            


Jarrett has to be the most improved player. Now you will hear different things.


Was it because of the O-line was bad? Will the new offensive of coordinator Jim Chaney help him? He has to improve, and not just by my standards, by Tennessee's fan base standards. 

We have all hear the Vol talk from different people we respect., especially about Tennessee quarterbacks.  A lot of people aren't happy with his performance or think he is Peyton Manning attitude.   You know, you don't know what you're going to get and that is frustrating for us.   Are we going get the Jarett from Auburn. Are we going to get that game? Because he played amazing or are we going to get another game where he doesn't play up to par and tried to act like the second coming of Peyton.

When you just look at the numbers, they don’t lie.  One thousand nine hundred seven yards, twelve touchdowns and three interceptions, that's that horrific.

That's not horrible. but I actually see some things that us Tennessee Volunteer fans should be happy about. If we can get consistency with the offensive line. We have some nice running backs, definitely have great receivers. We have the core that can make plays if Jarrett can get them the ball.  I think he has to be the most improved player on the 1999 Vols team for us to reach our full potential in 1999.

What are the expectations do you have or Tennessee this year?

I really don't know. You'd have to ask the Tennessee volunteers players and coaches. Fans like me seem to be all over the place.  I hear up and down. Some people say we're going to win nine, ten games. I don't know that, but if everything clicks I think it is possible.

We have some impact players and maybe the best group of receivers in the SEC, but we have to be able to get the ball to our play makers.   

You look at the three impact players, Darrell Taylor, Darrin Kirkland Junior and Ty Chandler.  Breakout player of the year, I think will be Bryce Thompson and then  Guantanamo, has to be the most improved player for Tennessee volunteers team to really take the next step forward.

As always we would love to hear your thoughts and prospective.






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